Who You Are And How We Can Help

  • You are looking for support and guidance as you deal with issues which are intruding on your Mental Wellbeing.
  • You are motivated and brave
  • You have made the decision that you would benefit from some external help
  • You may be experiencing a number of issues and concerns but you’re having trouble articulating them or you may know exactly what the issue is and what supports you need support.
  • We have told you all about us and what we do.
  • How about you contact us and let us know about you and how we may be able to support you? 🙂

Here is some feedback from clients who have told us how much they have benefited from our services. We hope this gives you the confidence to trust us and contact us.

‘I had looked for a good DBT Therapist for years and pretty much given up hope of every finding someone who understood my BPD . Then I found Catherine @ TOTB. I am doing regular therapy and the difference in the quality of my life is almost overwhelming’. SS

‘Catherine and the TOTB teams approach to Mental Wellness, is from an holistic perspective. Mind, Body, Spirit, and Culture are important to me as an Indigenous man and I am fully respected and the treatment methods reflect my Mental health needs and heritage. ’. GDM

‘We have been having family therapy at TOTB and are so impressed with the quality of the preparation and skill of the therapist that we felt we had to write this thank you to the team.This has been a life changing experience, thanks so much’ RCD

You have read this far so you are motivated and ready to make changes and that also means you are ready to contact us